intelligent, creative, and a forward-thinker.

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Whether the situation is challenging or favourable, an organisation must be intelligent, creative, and a forward-thinker. LionOrbit has the experience of working in different domains with some of the leading businesses and organisations in the world. Whether you need to devise a new IT strategy, manage vendors or outsource the business processes, our expert consultants can help you move forward with a rock-solid base.

LionOrbit primarily focussed to address the above issues. We are here to help and collaborate with you to accelerate your software development, infrastructure, overall business transformation or any other technology needs. All this, done with high quality and at a high velocity done right first time and each time.

We are a rapidly growing company that addresses business requirements across the technology spectrum for all businesses across all industries. Our rich experience and expertise in working on different technology requirements and areas, across the globe, helps you achieve your goals with high quality at high velocity, done right first time and every time.

LionOrbit is a one stop solution provider for your business's unique technology needs. We can help you create your digital presence leading to business transformation. We have the experience of working in different domains with some of the leading businesses and organizations in the world.

Our advisory services include

  • Choosing the exemplary work: insourcing or outsourcing.
  • Consultation regarding market trends, making strategy, operations.
  • Determining the quality of your vendor community.
  • Getting economic analysis, technology and risk management advice.
  • Implementation of IT strategy and change management practices.
  • Assist you with critical projects and strategic initiatives management.
  • Advice on services contract quality and market alignment.

LionOrbit is a team of experts who have been called upon to steer the ship in the most difficult times. These types of challenges come quietly and can harm your organization's growth. With LionOrbit consultants by your side, you will have a clear idea about the next best step.


At LionOrbit you'll never be just an employee - you'll always be you. You'll get responsibility, be challenged and set the course of your own future. Join us on a journey we'll take together to become a world leader in innovative softwares.

Our Leadership Team

Rajesh S

Chief Executive Officer And Director

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Nappinnai K

Co-Founder & Director

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Murali P

President America

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Mohit T


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Suresh K


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Balaji K

President South East Asia

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Sriram S

Chief information officer

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Subhashini G


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Sudharsan M


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