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Data is the gold of the 21st century. But gold has no practical use unless a goldsmith can carve it into beautiful jewelry. As businesses grow, most can't make sense of their data from their customers and clients. At LionOrbit, we have data experts who understand that only big data can drive you big results. Our data experts follow a holistic approach, from the data source to data visualization.

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From Overwhelming Data to Comforting Revenue

With the Internet giving you access to the whole world, data can help you drive revenue and growth to your business. Businesses have been doing this for decades, but it's only now that its importance has been highlighted in a new digital-led marketing campaign by companies such as Google and Facebook.

Why LionOrbit:

  • Actionable steps that you can follow,
  • Increase your revenue,
  • Experienced data experts and analysts,
  • Visualization
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Logistics & Supply Chain analytics

LionOrbit's Logistics and Supply Chain solutions amplify your sales and revenue. With over 8+ years of domain expertise, our logistics and supply chains solutions are easily deployable and scalable. The old spreadsheet methods to handle logistics are obsolete, time-consuming and cost-ineffective.

Increase your supply chain efficiency with LionOrbit for logistics.

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Get customer loyalty and encourage them to spend more!

With LionOrbit Logistics solutions, you will get a wholesome picture of your supply chain. All information will be at your disposal, giving you the opportunity to cost-cut. Logistics optimization is especially crucial if you are in e-commerce where margins are mostly thin.

LionOrbit’s Logistic solutions include

  • Planning
  • Execution (Optimizing delivery and services)
  • Logistics Support
  • Account Payables
  • Freight Claims
  • Customer Services

Supply Chain Risk Management

LionOrbit's supply chain risk management services develop the tools that give you an eye to monitor the risks and anticipate any such disruptions. With the analytical and data- backed approach of LionOrbit, you will be able to make better decisions to identify supply chain vulnerabilities.

Reduce the risk of your supply chain with LionOrbit!

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How is LionOrbit different?

  • Data-backed analytical approach,
  • Tools to monitor risks,
  • Effectively reduces supply chain risks.

Supply Chain Analytics helps you make sense of data and predict the future to help devise strategies to mitigate the risks in supply chain processes. The traditional spreadsheet method cannot supplement the full use of supply chain data. With LionOrbit's services, you will get ahead of your competition and grow your organization internally.

What LionOrbit offers

  • Detailed reports on your key performance indicators (KPIs) (so you know the levels where you can improve)
  • Figuring out your performance trends and how you can outgrow them,
  • Analysis of the route and network design for a flawless supply chain system,
  • Analysis of carrier cost and prices to create a cost-effective chain,
  • Automation for delivering you reports and dashboards (so you know on the go).

We understand that supply chain analytics is using the art of data analytics to assess potential risks in the supply chain. With years of experience, our data experts can help you get the value out of extensive supply chain data collected from your clients and customers for your business.

How LionOrbit is different:

  • We are the data experts with years of hands-on experience,
  • We work based on your KPIs to give you a more sensible approach,
  • We are honest in our process.
  • We are super concentrated to find out the slightest anomalies in a heap of data.

LionOrbit has worked with some of the most reputed brands globally and delivered supply chain analytics. Let us help you identify areas to improve to provide hassle-free services to your customers.

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare & Insurance

LionOrbit is a pioneer in Predictive analytics. We draw on a series of techniques to make these determinations, including artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, machine learning, modeling, and statistics. Our predictive analytics in the Insurance product is a stand out in the market.

OCR - Images to Text capturing. Unstructured to Structured data.

LionOrbit's CaptureO enables low turnaround time for data extraction and filtering from static images. It completely automates the end-to-end pre and post processing of the input and output data. This completely lifts off the burden from the user in terms of application management.

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