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E-FINGOV is a platform that can be used to integrate multi-various disparate systems by acting as a middleware to generate interface data/messages. With Cross-Report Reconciliation, clients can resolve regulatory matters related to new MAS610 / 1003 reconciliation. It's a robust reporting engine which makes it easy to define several complex reports in minutes. The functionalities are designed in a way that supports risk, compliance, statistical, operational, treasury and all types of user reports.

Audit Platform

LionOrbit has the ability to bring in data from various accounting data sources. The recent addition in our feathers is to bring Tally data from multiple companies and work towards scrutiny of booked transactions and create an AI based mapping to generate standard balance sheets. The sole success of Tally was its flexibility with sub ledger creations. It allows the end users to create customized ledgers of their choice which makes the architecture a very complex one to build a SaaS platform. It is only possible with Lion Orbit’s state of the art technology and product solutions.

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