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Capability building and Talent Supplementation

It is crucial to choose relevant and skilled talent for your organization. To grow and succeed in today's time, you need to have the right caliber of talent with you. You need Talent Supplementation, which takes responsibility on your behalf so that your company can focus on core processes.

LionOrbit has been working for years with many top companies to find the right talent for them. It includes screening, a written test followed by an interview. We also provide various training programs for talents to reach your business objective.

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LionOrbit has partnered with top Managed Service Provides (MSP) internationally. We are providing them with skilled and relevant candidates. The hiring process of a company and organizations depend upon its workflow and progress. That's why choosing a deserving candidate will benefit the company.

At LionOrbit, we ensure the quality at different levels of testing before recruiting a talent. We implement Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics technology that helps standardize the quality check with better output and efficiency. LionOrbit delivers you a superb candidate within a minimal time frame.

We offer different staffing services to businesses and organizations

  • Independent contractor
  • Payroll process outsourcing
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Consulting services
  • Fixed bid work on projects
  • Contingent staffing
  • Direct hire
  • Contract basis hiring

What makes us different from others?

With AI’s help, LionOrbit provides relevant talent within the defined time frame.

Your cost of hiring skilled and trained candidates from LionOrbit is 35% lower.

More than 95% of the positions are filled with significantly fewer dropout rates.

We onboard within a short duration of time.

Hiring Process

Before finalizing any talent, we test them at different stages to get the best deserving candidate for your company. Here is how we put candidates in various levels of proficiencies

Sourcing Talent

With the wide range of global networks, we outsource verified candidates to pick up the best out of them.


AI and predictive analytics filter the candidates according to the requirements for pre-screening.

Skill Assessment Test

A thorough skill test is done with the Candidate Assessment Test. This aptitude test can find out qualified talents.

Up Skilling

Selected candidates go through different orientation programs and up-skilling courses to prepare them for their working environment.


Double-check the talents before finalising. Once done, we onboard them to the organisation or the companies.

Service offered by LionOrbit

We provide numerous services to businesses to choose from. Whether you need an inbound, outbound or back office, we are always there to assist you with our quality services. Here are our offerings:

  • Order Management
  • Customer and vendor helpdesk
  • Billing/Invoicing/PO creation
  • IT Helpdesk
  • 24/7 Support
  • Technician and Parts Dispatch
  • Returns Management
  • Entitlement and Warranty
  • Inventory Management
  • Claims Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Social Media Analysts
  • Healthcare Professionals

Why Us?

Focus on the vital task of running your business and let us handle other business processes. This way, you save your time and get help from BPO experts at LionOrbit. We do it cost-effectively and in alignment with your business ideologies and goals.

As your BPO provider, we strive to deliver you a robust operational framework.

We select domain expertise from different service fields per requirements to provide you\with better service.

We help in creating innovative and cost-effective models subject to market trends.

We also take a look over digital workflow, automation technologies and provide analytical insights into your organisation.

We continuously monitor the production efficiency and scalability of your business.

Focus on the vital task of running your business and let us handle other business processes. We do it cost-effectively and in alignment with your business ideologies and goals.

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