Cyber Security & Information Security

Your digital assets are prone to risk if you take their security lightly. In this fast-paced world, nothing is impossible. LionOrbit can help you deploy modern tools and methodologies such as machine learning and IoT that will protect your assets. A single bug can cause critical data and information loss and leak out the most significant secrets, according to the experts at LionOrbit.

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Cyber security is an important aspect that protects your organization's network, servers, storage devices, computers, or mobile devices. It can prevent the mishap from happening when implemented correctly. LionOrbit's cyber security experts understand the risks related to people, processes, and technologies.

Information security is another critical aspect that ensures information protection while transfer occurs to other devices, the cloud, or any other machine. It provides that the shared information has confidentiality, integrityand is available (CIA) to authorized personnel. With LionOrbit information experts, you get this end-to-end security cost-effectively.

Why LionOrbit Security Services?

Your Trusted Security Advisor - We take our values seriously. As your security partner, we’ll assess the risk or protect you as one of our own.

24x7 Availability - Threats do not come at a predefined time, so why should the solution be? With LionOrbit by your side, you are protected each day.

We Believe in Actions - We deliver implementations that drive actions targeted towards every stakeholder.

Defence in Depth - A multi-layer security protocol that protects your organisation’s digital assets from an array of threats while keeping your total cost of ownership (TCO) minimal.

Best in Class - Whether your digital assets are on the cloud or on-premise, we follow best-in-class practices to secure you and put you ahead of the competition.

LionOrbit’s Approach

We follow a Defence in Depth (DiD) approach to protect your organisation’s valuable data and information. This approach is a multi-layer of several defence mechanisms where if one fails, another swiftly comes in to thwart the attack.

We ensure that everything checks out the way it’s supposed to be, from network traffic to data integrity. With DiD approach, the protection is more robust as we can handle an array of threats. We also implement authorisation, encryption, authentication tools, identity, device, and access management.

Aspects where LionOrbit Can Help

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Product Engineering
  • Solution and Integration
  • Partner Reselling and Consulting
  • Security Awareness Training

Threat and Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing
  • Assessing Web Application Security
  • Assessing Host/Network/Wireless Security
  • Assessing Mobile/Cloud/Database Security
  • Securing Infrastructure Design
  • Authentication and Encryption Services
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Partner Reselling and Consulting
  • Security Awareness Training

Kubernetes Security

At LionOrbit we foresee the 4C’s that's needed for our clients with Kubernetes security. The Cloud, Clusters, Containers and Code. We ensure each layer of the Cloud Native security model builds upon the next outermost layer. We ensure to safeguard against poor security standards in the base layers by addressing security at the Code level.

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