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Start your digital transformation journey with professionals and experts at LionOrbit Solutions. With the modern IT solution, you will be able to deliver digital consumer experiences at a fast pace and scale it with high precision.

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The ‘Digital’ What and How?


The term ‘digital’ is so overused that it could lose its meaning concerning your organization. Digital does not only encompass transforming the technologies, devices, servers, software, or analytics — it also means the culture and leadership under which your organization exists. So, before you begin the digital transformation, think about what ‘digital’ means for your organization and its leadership.


The ‘how’ part is on us. First, we formulate a core understanding of your core domain, whether retail, healthcare, fintech or media. We begin to grasp your current environment and steer your organization based on our assessments. We follow agile principles and focus on critical areas for your digital transformation - technology, data, process, and organizational change.

We understand the security challenges during your digital transformation. Using Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and ‘Zero Trust’, we devise a strategy that can withstand potential threats and risks. Further, we take care of the legacy systems, disparate technologies, security, and data pipelines during the transformation.

All Digital Components for Your Digital Transformation

  • Agile frameworks and DevOps
  • Web Development (Front-end – UI/UX, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS)
  • Web Services – REST/JSON/XML/SOAP
  • Full Stack development – Java, .NETx
  • Cloud – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud
  • Enterprise Mobility – frameworks like Xamarin
  • Security

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