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Dream Basket

Dream Basket is for the public and local retailers to access stores via mobile and web applications. It has a Central Warehouse for all its products. Franchise stores get the benefit of a good margin being passed on to them from the Dream Basket. Users get the same price at online and offline stores. This software aims at handling all these aspects of customer purchases.

Billion Deal

BillonDeal is an innovative concept in the digital space, coming in simple mobile applications as well as user-friendly web interface. Among the first of its kinds, customers subscribing to BillonDeal can gain points by passing/ visiting/ buying through notified purchase points and merchandise points.


Hoardboards is India's fastest growing online marketplace for your advertising needs. Our services come with the quickest and the smartest options that enable super-fast online shopping for your advertisement needs. Equipped with a wide range of products and reliable brands, Hoardboards presently operates in Hyderabad.

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